A “maison” more than a gallery

More than a gallery

A “maison”

“After welcoming our clients with pleasure at rue du Cirque for many years, and from 2008 in our gallery of the rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, I felt the need for something new.

A coincidence, or rather chance willed it that as I was walking along looking for a gift to give to my son Alexander, I decided to visit a long-time acquaintance at 6 rue Royale. The magic of the place, its proportions kept in their original volume left me no choice.

At that very moment, I had made up my mind, we were to bring this place back to its former splendor by installing in it our « boiseries» and decors. My dream, which my father had instilled in me since my earliest childhood, of installing our collections in a “maison” rather than a gallery could at last see the light of day...”